Notes On Bulls

                  We are selling full possession, full salvage, plus 2/3 semen revenue. This means any semen sold on any of the bulls, TNT Simmentals will receive 1/3 the selling price per unit. We also reserve the right to collect up to 100 units of semen on any of the bulls, for our own use. This semen will be collected at our expense and the buyers convenience. Please contact us if you have any questions.

SCROTAL CIRCUMFERENCE - Each bull was tape-measured to the nearest .5 centimeter and adjusted to 365 days using a daily adjustment of .033 centimeters. Only bulls with a minimum of 30 cm were selected. The rating for 12-14 month old bulls are 30 cm and less = poor; 30-35 cm = good; and 35 cm and over = very good.

HOMOZYGOUS BLACK - Will only sire black calves when used on black or nondiluter red cows. You will get mostly gray calves when used on yellow cows or red cows that have the dilution gene.

HETEROZYGOUS BLACK - Will sire both black and red calves when used on nondiluter red cows. When used on yellow or red cows that have the dilution gene, you will get roughly half red and they rest will be gray, with some blacks.

HOMOZYGOUS POLLED - All calves will be polled and requires both parents to be polled and both pass on the polled gene to their offspring. The majority of our bulls are polled for several generations. Every bull in the sale is sired by a Homozygous Polled bull.

HETEROZYGOUS POLLED - Approximately half the calves will be polled out of horned cows. Single polled animals will be heterozygous.

POLLED/SCURRED - A polled/scurred animal is genetically polled. We were informed by MMI Genomics that scurred is a separate gene and that scurred animals can be Homozygous polled.


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